3rd European Forum for Innovation 2012
Lowering Barriers to Innovation: A Contribution from the "Start-Up Nation”
December 4 - 6, 2012,  Dan Panorama, Tel Aviv, Israel,  03-5443188


EAI’s Inno-Summit offers unsurpassed opportunities to meet, present, learn and cooperate to make
innovation ideas happen through international cooperation.


Companies can match potential customers, venture capitalists and business angels.

Students and Researchers

Students at Summit

Students and researchers can meet important companies to get internships and learn about the last innovations.


You can get in contact with the most innovative and successful start ups as well as test new prototypes.

EAI Members

Dissemination and Personal Recognition
Education and Professional Enhancement
Funding and Business Development
Intellectual Property and Standards
Market Trends and Society
Research and Technology Transfer

Confirmed Speakers

  • Gilead Fortuna
    Senior Research Fellow Head of the...
  • Yaakov Litzman
    Deputy Minister of Health
  • Uri Goldberg
    Managing partner of U-associates, a...
  • Hagit Messer-Yaron - Panel Chair
    President, Open University in Israel
  • Oded Sharon
    CEO, Adventure Mob
  • Dov Moran
    Founder and CEO, Comigo
  • Gabriel Tal
    Director, IBM ISV & Developer...
  • Zvi Eckstein
    Former Deputy Governor of the Bank...
  • Yahal Zilca
    Co-Founder and Managing Partner,...
  • Shlomi Dolev
    Dean of the Faculty of Natural...
  • Oren Zuckerman
    miLAB Founder and Co-Director
  • Giora Shaked
    CEO of RDC – Rafael Development...
  • Dan Kaufman
    Faculty member at Ben-Gurion...
  • Ehud Gazit
    Chief Scientist (at MOST), Chair of...
  • Haick Hossam
    Professor in Chemical Engineering...
  • Martha G. Russell - by video conference
    Executive Director of Media X at...
  • David Gurwitz
    Director, Laboratory for Israeli...
  • Christin Pfeiffer - by video conference
    Secretary General at INSME –...
  • Mickey Steiner - Panel Chair
    Managing Director, SAP Labs Israel
  • Marcel Shaton
    General Manager, ISERD – The Israel...
  • Benny Zeevie
    Dr. Benny Zeevi, Managing General...
  • Alec Ross
    Senior Advisor for Innovation...
  • Jonathan Friedmann, Ph.D
  • Avner Algom
    CEO, IGT
  • Gui Vanhecke
    Lt General Avi (ret), Past Air...
  • Yochai Rozenblat
    President, NICE Americas
  • Zvi Meiri
    Professor and Head at the newly...
  • Gilad Golan
    CEO and Owner of Gilad Technologies
  • Yossi Vardi
    High tech enterpreneur
  • Amir Gal-Or
    Founder and Managing Partner,...
  • Ilanit Kabessa Cohen
    Group Innovation & Business...
  • Eliezer Dekel
    STSM, Chief Architect, Distributed...
  • Daniel M. Yellin
    IBM Distinguished Engineer Director...
  • Yifat Oron
    Managing Partner, Vertex Venture...
  • Eddy Shalev, Panel Chair
    Founder & Managing Partner,...
  • Alan Hartman
    Senior Researcher, IBM Haifa...
  • Vladimir Soroka - Panel Chair
    Leader, Global Technology Unit at...
  • Roi Carthy
    Managing Partner, Initial Capital
  • Neelie Kroes - by video message
    Vice-President of the European...
  • Miriam Erez
    Professor of Management and...
  • Menachem P. Weiss
    Professor, Technion, Israel...
  • Eli Opper - Panel Chair
    Strategic Advisor, Former Chief...
  • Arnon Toussia-Cohen
    DiACardio Chairman and Co Founder
  • Oded Shmueli
    Executive VP for Research, Technion...
  • Yaron Leifenberg
    Founder, Company: Funtactix
  • Ron S. Kenett
    Chairman and CEO, the KPA Group
  • Eden Shochat
    Early Stage Investor, Genesis
  • Yossi Malka
    Founder, Lilac-P, former Director...
  • Yanki Margalit
    Social Entrepreneur, Inventor, Ex...
  • Guy Bendov
    CEO at Side-kick Games
  • Harry Yuklea
    Assistant Professor, Bronica Center...
  • Eyal Niv
    Managing Director, Giza Venture...
  • Iris Ginzburg - Panel Chair
    Program Director, MBA for...
  • Eitan Yudilevich
    Executive Director, BIRD Foundation.
  • Ran Giladi
    Professor at Ben Gurion University...
  • Dan Friedman
    Sidekick - Business Development...
  • Gady Golan
    President of the Holon Inst. of...
  • Hanan Lechtman
    CEO of Bitzuim Memukadim Ltd.
  • Niv Fisher
    Founder – SpikySnail Games
  • Israel Borovich
    Dean, School of Managment and...
  • Moshe Levin
    Managing General Partner, DFJ...
  • Scott Kirkpatrick
    Professor, Computer Science Hebrew...
  • Imrich Chlamtac
    President, European Alliance for...
  • Yoav Izhar-Prato
    Co-founder, CEO, and chairman of...



Alec Ross,
Senior Advisor for Innovation Office of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton




Yossi Vardi,
High Tech entrepreneur , awarded with the EAI Innovation Leadership Medal

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